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The Best New Rock and Roll Band in Decades!!! – The Black Spiders

Black Spiders

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By urockradio on February 9, 2011

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The Black Spiders in my opinion are the best new Rock and Roll band in decades. What makes them so are lyrics that are clear, songs with a great story, guitars that are intense plus drums and bass work that is amazing, the mood of the entire album is get up and groove. As I listen continually from beginning to end I am reminded of Motorhead, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Groop Dogdrill, the later because the band’s leader Pete Spiby was the front man for GD. The opening track on ‘Sons Of The North’ “Stay Down” is a re-recorded version of an earlier release of the song and done well, “Just Like A Women” has a sound that is familiar but unique all it’s own and is the same from the EP “No Goats In The Omen”. “What Good’s Rock Without A Roll”, “St. Peter” and “Medusa’s Eyes” are the final three of the five I would consider singles that should be garnered from this album. “St. Peter” is another song that has been around the Black Spiders cabinet for a while and has been re-recorded to perfection as well. If you buy just one CD this year, this is the one you should have. The only thing to make this better is putting it on Vinyl.
black spiders - Sons of the north - Pack_Shot

black spiders – Sons of the north – Pack_Shot

Above is the review I wrote about the first album “The Sons of The North” on Amazon.
black spiders - This Savage Land - Pack_Shot

black spiders – This Savage Land – Pack_Shot

The Second LP, “This Savage Land” is equally kick ass but takes a little time to come to you, which is only natural after every song on Sons just kicked your ass right off, the second LP is definitely a creeper.

Although this album is not as strong as sons, it rocks the same way and has some awesome tunes. The album is darker but carries that Rock and Roll tone and attitude. They definitely sound heavier and you can tell that the band is starting to mature as a rock and roll machine. Evidence in the tunes “Teenage Knife Gang” and the moodier “Raised By Wolves” I would also call out the tunes “Sleepy Demon” and “Creatures”. All the other songs are equally decent. Being the Vinyl Guy I am, I have multiple copies of both plus the “Volumes” LP which consist of all the previously released EP’s, all worth looking into.
Looking forward to some announcement on a Third LP and when they may come to the US to play. Next Band you need to know is Bang! article and Interview with Frank soon.

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Band Of The Week – 42 – The Inkhearts

The Inkhearts – teenage energy yet songwriting prowess

With three members aged just eighteen and one aged nineteen, The Inkhearts’ music screams enthusiasm and teenage energy yet its underlined by a songwriting prowess that transcends their youth. Citing influences like The Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club and The Libertines, the band are well versed in the art of mainstream indie pop but their intricately layered tracks have got an individualism that sets their sound apart, giving them an identity all of their own.

Their last single 'Keeping Up', described by Amazing Radio’s Jim Gellatly as a ‘cracking track’, was produced by The Farm’s Carl Hunter and Gary Westhead at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool. The single recieved widespread airplay across the UK, Europe and America, it was chosen as Janice Long's BBC Radio 2 'Janice Loves' track and was selected by Artrocker for inclusion in their New Blood feature.

Writing Credit to: The Inkhearts Soundcloud Bio

Interview with The Inkhearts

Bank of The Week 41 – Birds Over Arkansas

Birds Over Arkansas

Band of The Week 41

Birds Over Arkansas formed in 2011 when Scott Haskitt, Laura Hartshorn, and John Mondick discovered that the product of their musical experimentations was greater than the sum of its parts. Although they reside in different states (Scott and Laura live in New Haven, CT, while John lives in Philadelphia, PA), they continued their long distance collaboration after realizing that the spark of creativity and collaboration they had forged could not be duplicated by working on their own or with other musicians.

Drawing from influences such as Peter Gabriel, Ryan Adams, Frank Zappa, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, and Yes, their music infuses heartfelt lyrics, infectious melodies, and complex rhythmic structures to create compelling and moving songs that are the antithesis of today’s manufactured pop music.

“In the writing process, we started realizing that we had these really fun initial ideas, often kind of quirky and unorthodox, and then we would just edit and massage them down until they sounded like everything else. It was really frustrating, sort of killing our own ideas. So we started doing the opposite; shining a light on the quirky bits from sessions and junking the normal sounding stuff. Eventually, those left turns started to make sense in their own way”.

Their music has already garnered critical acclaim from fellow musicians, music industry professionals, and fans across the United States:

We live in strange times where being in a band implies a whole lot more than just music. Birds Over Arkansas are a rare group who prove great playing, great sounds, great songs and great people still can be all you need for truly great music. Brian McTear / Weathervane Music, Miner Street Recordings

Birds Over Arkansas have a great song here…”Lay Down Tonight”. What a beautifully performed vocal, and wonderful backing track. I’m singing along and loving it!!!…Being a huge Beatle fan, I instantly fell in love with the vibe of this song. It reminds me so much of a John Lennon creation. BRAVO !!!! Joe Vitale / CSN, Eagles, Dan Fogelberg, Peter Frampton

Sweet and melodic, with complex orchestrations and tightly layered harmonies, listening to Birds Over Arkansas is like sitting down to a delicious meal. You’ll savor every moment. Music & Mayhem

They released their debut EP, “Behind The Lights”, on June 30, 2014. “Behind The Lights” features four new tracks that highlight BOA’s ability to integrate complex time signatures with singer/songwriter sensibilities.


Many listeners have requested countless times that we shut off our 1980’s. After relentless demands for an end to Classic Rock the program directors at WJYM-DB, Good Rock Radio have agreed to shut off the Rock N Roll Oldies and play only the heaviest rock we have available in our library. Yes, this is a time where we shut off any rock older than 1989.

For those fans who love our “mix” playlist don’t flip a lid for we have a dedicated time for our new program “HEAVY METAL 101″. The program directors at Good Rock Radio have agreed to air only the heaviest of metals ranging into sreamo and thrash metal. DON’T WORRY – REGULAR PROGRAMMING RESUMES ALL OTHER TIMES!

HEAVY METAL 101 airs every Saturday and Sunday mornings at 1:00 AM (EST) until 3:00 AM (EST) right here on south central Michigan’s rocker Bands like Killswitch Engage, Slayer, SlipKnot, OTEP, Kitty, System of A Down, Ceaser, Unearth, Pantera, and many more can be heard during these times.

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